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Whisker Friendly Bamboo Cat Bowl

Whisker Friendly Bamboo Cat Bowl

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Eco-friendly and whisker-friendly cat bowl! Made from sustainable bamboo fibers, this bowl is perfect for environmentally conscious cat owners looking for a stylish and practical solution for their pets.

The Whisker-Friendly Cat Bowl s a great option for cat with big healthy whiskers. A common mistake people make is assuming that cat whiskers and human hair are alike. The whiskers are actually touch receptors.

Whiskers are connected securely to the sensitive muscular and nervous systems, sending information about the surroundings directly to the cat’s sensory nerves.

The shallow and wide design ensures that your cat's sensitive whiskers won't be bothered while eating, reducing fatigue and stress. The non-slip base keeps the bowl in place, preventing it from sliding around while your cat eats

 Additionally, the smooth surface is easy to clean making mealtime a breeze for both you and your cat. The bowl is also dishwasher safe. Say goodbye to flimsy and wasteful plastic bowls and upgrade to the eco-friendly and cat-approved Whisker-Friendly Cat Bowl today.

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